Kolo Bistro - Turistická oblast KUTNOHORSKO KOLÍNSKO

Kolo Bistro

Family bistro in Kobylnice near Kutná Hora.

This relaxed family bistro is run by Markéta and Dan, lovers of quality food, wine, beer and cycling. They have placed the bistro in their barn and offer a menu that they put together using local ingredients.

As for the food and drink offer, most of it is from local suppliers, which Markéta and Dan choose carefully. All cakes, desserts, sandwiches, toasts, pickled cheese, soups are homemade and fresh. 

And that is just a few examples why they can proudly use the Regional Product badge.


Kobylnice is the place to go! You can go cycling and do something for your health. Cyclists are welcome at Kolo Bistro!

You will be spoilt for choice with their menu! The menu offers delicious dishes made with local ingredients. How about horseradish salad, homemade pita bread or baked goat cheese, and a Karasek’s lemonade or beer that’s on tap today?!

This year, the menu is expanded to include grilled specialities, which will be prepared in a stand located in the garden. At the moment we are preparing a permanent menu with the chef Michal Netolický and there will be a lot to look forward to!:)

In addition to refreshments, the bistro organizes a cultural program during the summer: summer movies, concerts, clothing swap.

Did you know that Kolo Bistro can be used for private and business meetings? Birthday or a children’s party, christening, opening or closing of the cycling season? Nothing is a problem! Come by, Markéta and Dan will be happy to help you with the planning...

More information about the menu, current offer and events can be found on the Kolo Bistro website .

Check the opening hours at the Kolo Bistro Facebook profile.

Just for quick reference, here are the opening times in the high season:

  • April: Friday - Sunday
  • May: Wednesday - Sunday
  • June, July, August: Monday - Sunday
  • September: Wednesday - Sunday
  • October: Friday - Sunday

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