V Ruthardce Restaurant - Turistická oblast KUTNOHORSKO KOLÍNSKO

V Ruthardce Restaurant

V Ruthardce is located in the historical centre of Kutná Hora, next to the Italian Court and St. James Church. What else? Well, the unique view of the St. Barbara’s Church and the Jesuit College! And kulajda, Pilsner on tap, outdoor seating in summer and a crackling fireplace in winter!


The “V Ruthardce” stylish medieval restaurant is pleased to invite you to lunch, dinner or a meeting with friends. In the summer months, you can spend pleasant moments in the two outdoor areas with a unique view of St. Barbora’s Church or the highest church tower of Kutná Hora. Both areas are an peaceful recluse in the historical centre of Kutná Hora. In winter, you can get warm by the fireplace or watch the snowflakes fall from the conservatory.

The restaurant offers its guests dishes made from quality and fresh ingredients. Pork honey ribs or steak tartare are popular specialities. The ideal beverage for this kind of food is a Pilsner Urquell from the tank with experienced bartenders handling the taps.

You can also have lighter meals such as salads or dishes suitable for vegetarians.

And why “V Ruthardce”? The answer to this question is a legend hidden in the menu. Now you have to come, really! Or are you not tempted to learn our secret?

Look for the restaurant at Dačického náměstí 15/10 and you can get in using one of the three entrances.

For more information about the restaurant and events taking place at “V Ruthardce”, please go to our FB profile, Instagram or our website .

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