Chocolate Museum and Chocolaterie Kutná Hora - Turistická oblast KUTNOHORSKO KOLÍNSKO

Chocolate Museum and Chocolaterie Kutná Hora

The Chocolate Museum is a small private museum that was founded by a group of chocolate enthusiasts and lovers in the spring of 2016. In the museum you can see a unique exhibition dedicated to the history of Lidka chocolate made in Kutná Hora, which was one of the best in the world before the Second World War.


In the summer of 2018 (100 years since the founding and 60 years since the closure of the Kutná Hora chocolate factory), the production of bean-to-bar chocolate in Kutná Hora was restarted and after only half a year their hot chocolate won the first bronze medal at a global competition. Today Lidka is no longer produced in a large factory with 500 employees (as it was 100 years ago), but in a small manufacture. The chocolates are handmade with love from the cocoa bean to the bar. The production processes used in Kutná Hora 100 years ago are used. That means that forgotten Kutná Hora recipes are renewed and new ones are invented so that even the biggest sweet tooth can find their own.

In the museum, you will experience the atmosphere of the 1930s, see many unique exhibits (such as 100-year-old uneaten chocolate), but you can also taste chocolate. Whether just for fun or at one of the chocolate tastings.

The museum and the chocolate shop can be found at Komenského náměstí 18 in the centre of Kutná Hora.

More information about the tastings and the museum can be found here.

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