Café U Michaela and Coffee-Roasting plant Kávy Pitel - Turistická oblast KUTNOHORSKO KOLÍNSKO

Café U Michaela and Coffee-Roasting plant Kávy Pitel

At the Renaissance fortress Přítoky near Kutná Hora you can smell freshly roasted coffee of many varieties smells every day. The roasting plant prepares coffee from all over the world (South America, Africa, Asia - Indonesia, India).


All around the year you can choose from a wide range of coffees from all over the world, which the owners prepare themselves in the Kávy Pitel roasting plant at the Přítoky fortress in the café “U Michaela”. In the amazing surroundings of the Renaissance fortress you can enjoy not only espresso, but also coffee in a French press, dripper, etc. You can have cakes, chocolates and iced coffee in the summer. At the same time you will learn about the architecture and history of the fortress.

In addition to the shop in the renaissance Přítoky fortress near Kutná Hora, you can also choose your dose of coffee in the e-shop.

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